A window on Sanok and surrounding area


Sanok is one of the oldest settlements in south-eastern Poland and the center of historic Sanok Land. Once industrialized, exporting machinery and chemicals beyond Poland and Europe, today Sanok is changing its image. Culture, education and sports flourish here. Sanok is also enhancing its tourism appeal, making it a destination for tourists and not just a starting point for expeditions into Bieszczady mountains.

Accept our invitation and come to Sanok!

Ethnographic Museum Promotion!

Rural temples, huts, equipment... Galician Market... By-gone machinery, vehicles... All spectacularly filmed and edited by DKX Pictures!

Stunning intro to Sanok's ethnographic museum.

KSU - My Bieszczady

  • Slopes reach for the sky while their grasses cry.
  • Old path weaves through bloom and moss to a rusting cross.
  • Into dark creek roves through forsaken groves.
  • Olden church lost to gone time. Bell has lost its chime.
  • Unattended graves - elderberry maze.
  • So much blood and tears of pain. What was there to gain...
Moving song by KSU about the love for Bieszczady mountains having survived tragic past.